ANAND School celebrates The Grandparents’ Day

A panoramic experience at Pushpa Gujaral Science City, Jullandhar.

To familiarize children with various phenomenon of Science and the various theories of evolution, children from Class 5 to 8 were taken to Pushpa Gujaral Science City, Jullandhar. It was a different world having the modern aids to show the universal and evolutionary concepts. First, the children sat inside the aircraft which was like a roller coaster ride showing various heavenly bodies closely as if in space. A 3 D show amused the children with rats in their laps and snakes pouncing on them. The lazer show another novel experience, showing the map of India and freedom fighters through animation. In space theatre, children witnessed the techniques of surfing and tree climbing. The theory of ‘Gold Rush’ explained the existence of Hollywood and Los Angeles. On the whole, it was a wonderful experience filled with thrill, adventure and knowledge as the key ingredient.