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Ansysco Anand signed a Technical Assistance Agreement with SEIKEN, a Japanese Company, Jan 17, 2017

17 January 2017

Ansysco Anand, a Group company of ANAND Automotive, India and Seiken Chemical Industry Company Limited, Japan announced today that they have entered into a Technical Assistance Agreement (TAA) catering primarily to the Indian automotive sector. The signing ceremony was held at ANAND Group Corporate Headquarters in New Delhi.

The objective of this TAA is to manufacture and sell Coolant and Brake Fluids to Japanese OEMs in India. This will enable Ansysco Anand to access latest technology on Coolants and Brake Fluids from Seiken. This collaboration will ease the entry of Ansysco Anand into Japanese OEM’s who contribute nearly 60% SOB in the Indian automotive market.

Mr. Yukio Maekawa, President, Seiken Chemical Industry Company, Limited said “our ‘Seiken‘ brand is famous for reliable products not only in Japan but also all over the world. ‘Quality First‘ is our motto. For better customer satisfaction, we are continuously researching, developing, and supplying good quality products at a reasonable price. In Ansysco Anand, we see a reliable partner with whom we can collaborate to supply good quality coolants and brake fluids in India".

“ANAND Group is an established leader in the Indian automotive sector with significant presence among major Indian OEMs. For the last two decades, Ansysco Anand has been one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Radiator Coolants, PVC Adhesives, Brake Fluids and Filter Compounds to important OEMs in India. Ansysco Anand is excited to enter into a Technical Assistance Agreement with Seiken. This collaboration will open new opportunities for us to tap into the Japanese OEMs present in India “, said Mr. Deepak Chopra, CEO, ANAND Group.