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Ansysco and Anchemco Outbound cum Organisation and Goal Setting Trip was a Masterstroke

22 April 2014

It was a first of its kind in Ansysco. No-one had really given it any though before and it hadn't really occurred to anyone before. Now having come back from outing, we realise what a masterstroke it was.

We drove up to Pine-Drive Resort, Barog on the April 22nd morning. It was a scenic drive and from Parwanoo, we reached were there within an hour. We all checked in, freshened up and gathered for breakfast.

After that we got down to serious work. Firstly, there was a little introduction regarding the objective of this trip, shared by our COO Mr Joy Panda and he Plant head Mr Suneel Aggarwal. We had split ourselves into two teams to discuss the Goals & Objectives of the Organisation. The points from both the teams were taken into account and after a lot of discussion and debate the Organisation Targets were set.

After breaking for Lunch, we gathered again, but this time for fun and games. We relaxed and geared up for more serious work that lay ahead of us.

We ended Day 1, with a little bit of pep talk from Joy Sir, regarding our roles and responsibilities and how we can improve our performance in the day to day activities. This concluded with various commitments from operations to NPD and vice-versa as to how we can help each other and in the process help the organisation.

That night we all gathered for dinner around a born-fire and played Antakshni. This was a great team bonding exercise which helped break down barriers and helped us get to know each other a lot better.

The next day started with more team building exercise and games. We all gathered in a small field nearby for an early morning game of cricket. Breakfast followed and then back to the agenda at hand.

NPD & Operations HODs took centre stage as they explained to us in brief their respective Goals & Visions for the upcoming year. The goals were aligned with the organisation goals and it was inspiring to know what we have to do and plan to go about achieving it. We also discussed the past year's performance and wherein we did well and the areas of improvement.

There was further discussion on the layout of the new building at Anchemco and how to optimise the space, the discussions were constructive and led to some really good ideas.

And post lunch at Haveli, we were on our way back, with a new vision and were all inspired to take on the world!