Brake Fluid Reservoir
    Poly Urethane
    Radiator Coolant
    Filter Compounds
    DGX Cartridge Manufacturing
    Car Care Products
    Brake Fluids


    2017SEIKEN and ANAND collaboration
    2016Brake Fluid Oil business development

    SAP S4 HANA implementation

    Won International Quality Circle Award in ICQCC 2016
    2015LIQUIMOLY and ANAND collaborate to take on the automotive chemicals market
    2005 - 2013Introduced DGX
    2002 - 2005Introduced OEMs/Tractor Segment
    1997- 2002 The company further diversified its activities by introducing new range of products, that is, Wind Shield Washer, Car Wax, Silicone Liquid Polishes, Puro-cream and So on.
    1995 Incorporation at Parwanoo in Himachal Pradesh as a small manufacturing plant for automotive industry.